Friday, December 2, 2011

Alternative Breaks

We need more people to sign up for Alternative Breaks if we're still going to go!  This winter you can go to Rouge Valley, Oregon or Maui, Hawaii!

What are alternative breaks?
Alternative breaks provide SUU students with an 8-day humanitarian service experience—an alternative to the “partying” that college students’ breaks are notorious for.  Typically, there will be 12-20 students on a break. Each break is led by a student leader and overseen by an SUU faculty or staff adviser.

Why should I consider an alternative break?
Most students who participate in a break describe it as, “Life-changing!” Many report, “It’s the best experience I’ve had at SUU!” Breaks provide the opportunity to:
·         Travel and experience a different environment or culture (without spending a lot of money!)
·         Meet new people and build relationships
·         Learn about a community issue
·         Serve and create social change
·         Develop leadership skills
How much do trips cost?
Ground travel trips are $480 per person. Groups that fly will pay more, with the total trip cost dependent on the cost of air travel. The break fee covers all trip costs including meals, travel and accommodations. A non-refundable deposit of $80 for land-travel groups and $200 for air-travel groups is due at the time of registration.

Where do the trips go?
During the 2011-12 school-year, the Community Engagement Center is sponsoring trips to:
     Jan. 1-7
Maui, Hawaii—Habitat for Humanity ($1300-estimate)
Rogue Valley, Oregon—Habitat for Humanity ($480)

     March 10-17
San Diego, California—Via International ($480)
Spokane, Washington—Habitat for Humanity ($480)
Taos, New Mexico—Habitat for Humanity ($480)

What will I do on an alternative break?
The primary purpose of trips is to volunteer. Participants engage in direct service for four full days during the break. On the fifth day, they have an opportunity to explore the city visited. In the evenings, participants enjoy free time to play games, hang out, tour the city, or just relax. Trips that work with Habitat for Humanity will work on natural disaster clean-up and/or building or renovating housing. Trips that work with Via International will work with local youth immigrant groups, at a community garden and with other organizations that work with immigrants.

How do I sign up for a break?
Registration will open on-line at 9 am, Monday, Oct. 24 at—click on the Alternative Breaks button. Spots are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

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