Monday, February 27, 2012

Senior Outreach Program

            The SUU Senior Outreach Program is in need of volunteers who are interested in giving back to the members of our community who have given so much and are often forgotten—the elderly. There are two assisted living facilities here in Cedar City, Emerald Pointe and Kolob, and they love to have students donate some of their time to brighten the lives of the senior citizens who live there. The residents of these facilities are often lonely and are thrilled when they have the opportunity to share their experiences with the student volunteers.

            The Senior Outreach program does not have a consistent time or day of the week because it mostly involves visiting the residents on their birthday with balloons in hand and singing “Happy Birthday.” It usually only takes half an hour to forty five minutes per birthday, so the time commitment is very small. The volunteers also help out with the parties that Emerald Pointe and Kolob offer throughout the year, such as on Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Service Leader Brooke Topham says, “I think the elderly are darling! You can learn so much from their life experiences. I love to watch their face light up when they realize that you made a special effort to remember their birthday.” Volunteer Christy Williams adds, “I love to help with old people because it’s like Christmas morning every time you go help them. They are just so much fun and so appreciative of what you do. You really can’t help but smile and laugh with them and just walk away loving them.”

            The volunteers meet at the Community Engagement Center and carpool to the assisted living homes. This is an excellent opportunity for those people who have busy schedules but would still like to give back to the community, as the time needed is not much. If you are interested in this educational and meaningful volunteer opportunity, please contact Brooke Topham at or come into the Center for more information.

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