Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Service Leader Applications

Are you interested in being part of a team that focuses on service on campus and in the surrounding community? Do you want to gain valuable leadership experience that looks great on a resume or graduate school application? Apply to be a Service Leader for the 2012-13 academic school year! Service Leaders are the chairpeople over the sponsored programs offered by the Community Engagement Center. As a Service Leader, you are required to keep a minimum of two office hours per week, attend a weekly training/coordination meeting every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., and maintain a 2.75 overall GPA and a 2.75 GPA each of the semesters that you serve.

Applications are now available in the Community Engagement Center and are due by Monday, April 9 at 5:00 p.m. If you have any questions about the available positions or the application process, you can come into the CEC or contact Pam at
You can click here to print an application or click on the link on the side of this page.

Some of our current Service Leaders comment on their experience:

Madisen Smith
“My experience as a service leader has been so rewarding. I have been able to make lasting connections, develop my leadership skills, and become a more involved and aware citizen. As much as my position is aimed towards helping and changing the lives of others, in doing so I have changed my life also.” --Madisen Smith

Gianna Lopresti
“For me the best part about being a service leader is that I’ve been able to develop lasting friendships with people who are just as passionate about serving the community as I am.” 
--Gianna Lopresti

Jackie Joseph
“The best part about being a service leader is seeing the difference in the lives of the children and their families by coming to story time. The kids learn to enjoy reading by doing different activities with the book that was read that night. Another thing I really enjoy is how much my life has been blessed by being a part of the program. I come from a stressful class to my service activity and find that life is about making a difference. Putting others first really makes a difference in my own life.” --Jackie Joseph

Harsh Kansagra

“Being a student leader is a great opportunity. It allows you to learn from the environment while you are teaching. It allows you to improve while simultaneously helping others improve and better themselves. I personally believe the leadership boat does not stay afloat by one person; it requires the collaborative effort of a group. To teach is something special but to learn from the ones that we teach is something completely different and very precious in itself.” --Harsh Kansagra

Heidi Vernon
“If you want to make a difference through service, the Community Engagement Center is the place to start. Not only was I able to serve others, but the CEC provided me with the support I needed to get my projects off the ground.” --Heidi Vernon


  1. It's pretty awesome to see how life changing serving others can be. I really desire to be a able to serve others and I think joining this club will a be a great blessing. (R

    1. Well we'd love to have you! Be sure to apply before April 9th!