Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome Back!

Hello readers and welcome to post apocolyptia, unless the world didn't end right before Christmas.  The Community Engagement Center would like to wish you a happy new semester.  In celebration for the new year we will be rolling out some great new changes to the blog.  First we now have an update schedule!  That's right, come back every Monday and Thursday and see something new and exciting.  We will also be rolling out improvements and additions to the blog like photo galleries and valuable referential materials.  Keep your eye out because you won't want to miss out on the action. 
This brings me to another valuable update.

The Community Engagement Center is seeking personal stories related to service activities you have been involved with.  The stories should be related to an experience you have had or how volunteer  service has positively affected your life.  If your story is related to service in any way we want to hear it.  The important thing to stress is that it does not have to be about a current service opportunity or about the Community Engagement Center. 

we are collecting these stories in two different ways.  You can write down your story on paper and send them to suucec@gmail.com or you can stop by the Community Engagement Center from 8-1 Tuesdays or Thursdays and take the time to share your story on video. 

These stories will be shared here and will be added to a collection of stories in hopes to inspire more people to have the same opportunities as you to create positive stories in their own lives.

If you know of someone with a great story to tell then let them know about us.  suucec.blogspot.com

Thank you for your time creating these videos or writing down these stories.

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