Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A New Party Every First Monday of the Month

       It’s the first Monday of the month. You know what that means… yep! Bread & Soup Nite. 4:30 pm rolls around and the volunteers, which includes about half of the SUU football team, start to arrive. I adorn every volunteer with matching aprons and name tags. (Personally, I think that the football players make the aprons look good.)
      The clock strikes five and the party begins. As the crowd rushes in, I see not only students carrying their backpacks, but also members of the community with their kids. The local high school band that came to perform fills the room with music that makes the ballroom come alive. With unlimited bread, soup and dessert, no one leaves hungry. As the night draws to a close, and the band packs up their guitars, I see mountains of cans that will be donated to the Hope Pantry. It was a fun filled night that supports a great cause—raising awareness about hunger.

Love, Brooke and Hailee

Get involved with Bread and Soup Night.  Contact Brooke or Hailee at suubreadandsoup@gmail.com

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