Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Growing up

Many mothers and their litters come into the Cedar Animal Rescue, which is the rescue that the Animal Rescue Program works with. It is fun and interesting to see the puppies grow and the mother’s raise them. As they become of age for adoption, many leave quickly to their new and forever homes. There do tend to be one or two from the litters that do not get adopted so quickly and those are the ones that bond with people the best, it seems. They are the most wanting and appreciative of the attention. There was a mother named Fanny who came into the Cedar Animal Rescue with her 10 puppies. All of them have been adopted, except one-Ferret. He is quite the character and has recently begun walking one a leash. As he has grown, he has become a group favorite because of his outgoing and rambunctious personality. Seeing the animals grow and their trust in humans developing is an amazing experience.  It’s a direct example to the group of how much our time spent there is worth it and means to the animal’s lives.

Stacy Craft service leader of animal rescue wrote today's blog post She can be contacted at suuanimalrescue@gmail.com

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